Creating your life’s vision

What is the vision you have for yourself, your work & life? Where are you on that path now?

Lofty question, but there are great benefits to crafting a vision for some area of your life. Visioning is the realm of the imagination and creative — it’s where great ideas and inspiration originally stem from. Leading a life of vision is tied with a person’s sense of purpose and passion.

So many of us have amazing pictures of what we want our lives to be — but how come so few take the steps necessary to have those ideas become reality?

Self-doubt is the poison of our vision. It drains you of energy, self-esteem and distorts all the very achievable goals in life. Challenges become impassable mountains.  I know — I’ve let self-doubt ravage great goals and accomplishments I set out to do.

Undercurrent was a vision I had a few years ago and one that rocked me so much to my core, that I couldn’t ignore it. I had to do something about it — I wouldn’t be fully myself if I didn’t go after whatever this idea was. I debated a long time against become a coach out of fear that no one would find it valuable and that I’d fail at it.

Then a shift happened — I realized that whatever belief I fed, that one got stronger. I could continue to feed the self-doubt and let my dreams actually be impossible — or I could feed the vision, the creative part in me that knows whatever I put my heart and soul into does transpire.

So I fed the vision of being a  coach, an author on personal development, of creating my business, and leading a community of people who where inspired, creative and driven to understand themselves and share their gifts with others.

So, how do you construct your vision? Ask yourself these:

1. What do I believe my purpose/role/passion in life is?
2. What steps do I need to take to be more in-line with that vision?
3. What’s stopping me from taking that step?
4. If I was exactly where I wanted to be, how would that feel?
5. What am I feeding more: my self-doubt or my self-esteem?

I’ve a few documents I created to help people flush out their vision ideas. I created one of them about a 1.5 years ago, where my main goals were find a stable job that I was happy at while I attend coach training and built my practice slowly. Having that vision laid out before me kept me accountable — it was all I really needed to focus on.

I’m a visual learner and like to write things out, see it in the big-scale and conceptualize an idea before I take action. Here is a mind-map I made when I was brainstorming Undercurrent’s grand-vision:

Having a vision isn't just imagination -- it's persistence and developing the architecture to your life that will support your values and purpose.

A vision is ultimately what you want your life to be — it’s all your loves, strengths, ambitions, success & pleasures  rolled into one, awesome picture. Just thinking about it makes you smile and feel fulfilled : )

Take care,