I’m bringing CURVY back


Did HELL freeze over? Did I actually post this photo across my social feeds and did people respond with amazing kudos and support? Since ditching the diet mentality, these past few months have been some of the joyous I’ve ever felt. I … Continue reading 

Am I crazy? Why nearing 30 doesn’t freak me out

Yesterday, I was sitting next to a high school student who was getting tutored in math. His tutor casually mentioned something about being in his mid-30′s but didn’t feel old and the student said “Well, to me — anything over 25 is really old.”  I could only laugh, because face it — we all felt that way at one point.

In one month, I’ll be turning 28 years old.  I’m actually really excited about it – the number has a nice ring to it, but more so, it’s one step closer to 30 which in my eyes is something to look forward to. Why? Because it means I’ve got 30 years of experience and that’s pretty awesome. Also, I hear many people say 30 is when their life REALLY takes off — so I can only image how much more fun I’ll have.

But I know I’m of a small minority who doesn’t seem to mind (yet) the cold truth of life —- YOU GET OLDER. Continue reading

5 Phases of a Quarter Life Crisis — Are you in one RIGHT now?

I’m on a mission to turn the term “Quarter Life Crisis” (QLC) into “Quarter Life Opportunity” because that’s exactly what it is — a turning point in your life where YOU’RE totally responsible for your self and the direction your life will take.

Think of your QLC as an “update” button - keep pressing X and everything stays the same…press UPDATE  and…. Continue reading

Assumption junction, what’s your function? Wasting your time — that’s what.

Growing up, whenever I’d turn my nose to something in haste, my dad would colorfully recite “Assuming makes and ass out of YOU and ME.”

How often do you compare someone or something against a past experience? How many times have you been proven wrong in what your original assumption was? Our judgments have a tendency to blind our openness to new experiences. Typically, a judgment occurs when we’re trying to protect a part of ourselves from the memory of something we didn’t enjoy. New people, places, experiences, emotions – they are ridiculed by our judgments and assumptions before we even get a chance to experience what they have to offer. Continue reading

“Ugh, why is change so hard?” It’s your beliefs!

How we describe ourselves, our abilities and the world around us has a huge impact on the way we go about living. Our individual believe system is a complex myriad of past experience, messages instilled in us from a young age and our inner-most fears we harbor.  Whenever we become aware that something in our life isn’t working out, our belief system is the first thing challenged. Unless we’re equipped with a way to re-tune what we believe about the world and our capabilities, lasting change is impossible. Continue reading

4 Reason why you’re sabotaging yourself…and you don’t even know it!

I will publish a series of articles detailing the “Big Four Energy Blocks” that inhibit people from reaching success. Awareness of them shines light on all the B.S. excuses that come out of our mouths on why we don’t change things we’re unhappy about. As a coach trained in calling these out in clients, and as an individual who is aware of when mine surface — let me tell you: they are POWERFUL and have the potential to remove ALL excuses. Continue reading

FREE Mini-workshop! “Your Energetic Make-up”

Hi everyone,

Wanted to share some exciting news that I’ve been invited to speak at an upcoming event for a Boston area Law of Attraction group. I wanted to pass and share this info w/ you all, in case your in the Boston area and want to join us. You’ll learn a lot about yourself in a VERY short time! Click here to RSVP directly or send me an email. Thanks!

“Your Energetic Make-up: How higher consciousness raises personal success”
Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Energy Leadership is the path of higher consciousness. We are all leaders within ourselves, among others and in our communities. Life is an energetic experience and we have within us the power to consciously choose which version of energy we want an abundance of.

When we’re aware of which form of energy is prevailing in our lives, we can consciously transform it to become our ally and begin to release what is holding us back.  Destructive energy causes us to worry, live in fear, and feel helpless regarding our position in life. Constructive energy is the realm of pure passion, confidence and intuition, and allows us to create and live in the flow of being.

This mini-workshop will introduce you to the Core Energy Leadership process, including the seven layers of consciousness available to us all, will help you recognize which energy is prevalent in your life, and provide you with an opportunity to make the shift from victim to victory. You’ll leave with worksheets to aid your growth and a renewed sense of purpose and awareness about yourself and the world around you.

Rachel O’h-Uiginn of Undercurrent Coaching encourages individuals to explore personal awareness as a pathway to higher potential. She is an iPEC trained life-coach with 400+ working hours and is currently obtaining an additional certification as an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner. Rachel is also a civic leader in the Boston area, inspiring those within her Generation Y demographic to discover their inner world and share it with as many people as possible. For more information, please visit www.undercurrentcoaching.com

Generation NEXT — Why I want to coach Millennials

I chose to change tracks in life, shifting towards personal growth and development as a career, when I went through the infamous “quarter life crisis” — a time in your 20′s wrought with anxiety, uncertainty about the future and feeling like your life just isn’t where you  hoped it would have been.

Couple that feeling with being laid-off at the height of the recession and you’ve got one potent cocktail for a financial AND existential crisis.

But in my confusion, I created Undercurrent — this little notion that if you follow your interests, devote time to personal growth and share the best of yourself with others, you can make a powerful shift out of a rut and begin to create a life you’re really proud of.

What got me through that rough time was the conviction that I was capable of helping my peers better understand themselves and facilitate the personal and civic growth of my community.

I believe so much in the power, integrity and passion of my age-group, known as the Millennials.  Born between 1980 – 2000, we witnessed the changing of world order, experienced our parents devotion to making sure we had the very best, and discovered that the world, its people and issues are global. We understand logically and emotionally that change IS very possible and necessary, but that we’ve got to take personal responsibility to make it happen. And we need to get real serious, real fast. 

I want to help those who I know have incredible potential feel good about themselves. I’m a civic leader with soul and blending the two is my cause because I believe healthy individuals in their minds, bodies & spirits create healthy societies.

Optimistic? Sure.  Naive? Probably. I’m also a very pragmatic woman who knows what it takes to make real, sustainable change in life. I want to encourage, educate and unleash the power of my peers as we take on challenges and opportunities that were never taught to us in class.

What makes the quarter life crisis so fascinating is its opportunity for change. It’s a metamorphosis — you shed the old, habitual self who knew what was expected of them.  Becoming and loving WHO you are isn’t easy, but it’s what we’re all after.

This is why I want to help my incredible peers take this leap into trusting who they really are. I know it’s possible because I see it everyday in the emerging leaders, personal transformation and new opportunities experienced by those who refuse to follow a predetermined track of what’s expected of them.

Creating your life’s vision

What is the vision you have for yourself, your work & life? Where are you on that path now?

Lofty question, but there are great benefits to crafting a vision for some area of your life. Visioning is the realm of the imagination and creative — it’s where great ideas and inspiration originally stem from. Leading a life of vision is tied with a person’s sense of purpose and passion.

So many of us have amazing pictures of what we want our lives to be — but how come so few take the steps necessary to have those ideas become reality?

Self-doubt is the poison of our vision. It drains you of energy, self-esteem and distorts all the very achievable goals in life. Challenges become impassable mountains.  I know — I’ve let self-doubt ravage great goals and accomplishments I set out to do.

Undercurrent was a vision I had a few years ago and one that rocked me so much to my core, that I couldn’t ignore it. I had to do something about it — I wouldn’t be fully myself if I didn’t go after whatever this idea was. I debated a long time against become a coach out of fear that no one would find it valuable and that I’d fail at it.

Then a shift happened — I realized that whatever belief I fed, that one got stronger. I could continue to feed the self-doubt and let my dreams actually be impossible — or I could feed the vision, the creative part in me that knows whatever I put my heart and soul into does transpire.

So I fed the vision of being a  coach, an author on personal development, of creating my business, and leading a community of people who where inspired, creative and driven to understand themselves and share their gifts with others.

So, how do you construct your vision? Ask yourself these:

1. What do I believe my purpose/role/passion in life is?
2. What steps do I need to take to be more in-line with that vision?
3. What’s stopping me from taking that step?
4. If I was exactly where I wanted to be, how would that feel?
5. What am I feeding more: my self-doubt or my self-esteem?

I’ve a few documents I created to help people flush out their vision ideas. I created one of them about a 1.5 years ago, where my main goals were find a stable job that I was happy at while I attend coach training and built my practice slowly. Having that vision laid out before me kept me accountable — it was all I really needed to focus on.

I’m a visual learner and like to write things out, see it in the big-scale and conceptualize an idea before I take action. Here is a mind-map I made when I was brainstorming Undercurrent’s grand-vision:

Having a vision isn't just imagination -- it's persistence and developing the architecture to your life that will support your values and purpose.

A vision is ultimately what you want your life to be — it’s all your loves, strengths, ambitions, success & pleasures  rolled into one, awesome picture. Just thinking about it makes you smile and feel fulfilled : )

Take care,


Hitting the wall

What happens when you hit the wall? It implies that you’re no longer able to go the route you have been going because something is now blocking it.  You want to give up, give-in, the pain is too much — your motivation is failing you. Theoretically, it’s the realization that what you have been doing is no longer working for you. Positive or negative, hitting the wall means you’re due for a change and need to pull from a new source to see you though. You’re now face to face with something holding you back, but that’s not the scary part — it’s the question of ” How can I possibly do this?”

Sometimes even more that, it’s the realization that something deeper and more underlying is at the core of your behaviors that is perhaps too painful, uncomfortable or scary to address. This is where people self-sabotage themselves; consciously thinking they want a change, but continue to act against their better judgement.

Hitting the wall results it two plausibilities: a breakthrough or a retreat. Which avenue you chose depends upon your attitude and resilience. Time and time again, people come to a turning opportunity and fail to see it through to the other side. I’ve fallen victim to the walls intimidating nature because I wasn’t sure if I could handle the new me on the other side.

In my coaching practice, I’m learning that ‘hitting the wall’ is a life-changing awareness that some people either embrace what lies ahead, or revert back to old behaviors. Naturally, it’s really scary to know that something in your life is blocking you, but hell – it’s comfortable. The devil you do know is better than the devil you don’t….right?

Breakthroughs can only happen once you’re facing your own wall and realize that it’s nothing more than the unraveling of what you understand about yourself. And on the plus, who has ever said they felt worse after a pivotal breakthrough? It’s typically a feeling of relief, enlightenment and a new beginning grounded in self-confidence.

Your pain is the breaking of the shell that encloses your understanding~ Kahil Gibran

Breakthroughs are sought-after because they are so up-lifting and inspiring. Just…don’t think that someone/thing outside yourself is going to help you have a break-through. No amount of yoga, therapy, backpacking through Europe or retreats to the mountain will solve it for you. You just need to close your eyes, face what’s blocking you and tear it down piece by piece

It takes courage to face your own wall, but those that breakthrough have something within them that understands the temporary pain is worth the inevitable opening on the other-side.