A ban on being busy

I have an issue *GASP* — I over-extend myself too much. Like, way too much. Most of the time I think I can juggle a really hectic, over-flowing schedule filled with extremely interesting & fun things. The most common question I get asked is “How do you manage to do all that you do?!” I usually reply with something about being good at time management (which is true) — but really, I’ve a hard time saying no, take on way too much responsibility, and don’t want to let people down. I’m a “helper” at the core, but it sometimes leaves me feeling exhausted, run-down and out of juice for the things I really really care about.

So over the past few months I’ve been doing a hard inventory of my responsibilities, my goals and my passions to see where the imbalances lie. Too often, I was putting other things in front of my own personal priorities and it was costing me the most important thing of all — my sense of inner-balance.

But it’s very hard to let go of things go. But in order to regain balance, you must let go. It’s a paradox – but one you cannot think yourself to understanding. You have to feel it. You have to feel that release of duty, obligation, selfishness, guilt, expectation, disappointment and even pride.

In four years I’ve changed a lot (who doesn’t?) but was also starting to become a hypocrite — sharing insights w/ my clients on ways to approach how they invest themselves, and then turn around and not heed for myself. How could I be a truthful coach and not walk my talk? It was really getting to me.

Inside, I felt all my conflicting demands and I’m really sensitive to that tug. And every time I’d try to justify why it was OK to fill up my schedule despite my interest fading for it, my inner voice would remind me..Rach, you know what you’re doing right now, don’t you…

And when it actually came to time finally relax, I was so guilt-ridden that I “should” be doing something that I never allowed myself the opportunity to just be. Doing nothing meant I was wasteful.

So I made changes.  I stepped back from responsibilities that were no longer in-line with my personal goals and priorities. I carved out more personal time to do things that are purely for my own well-being. I took time to make space for personal relationships and hobbies. But I still have to let go of the need to do it all.

The whole concept of Undercurrent is knowing what your energy is being spent on and answering the question “Do I feel energized or drained?” Lots of people are busy — but busy doesn’t mean fulfilling. Busy is actually closest to its opposite — idle. Even though I was go-go-go, I felt idle in the areas I wanted to focus on most.

“Manage your energy — not your time.”

Join me — I’m putting a ban on being busy…and it all starts with a perception shift.

X –Rachel


The Hardest Lesson of All – To Love Thy Self

Why do we need to love ourselves? A favored topic among women’s literature and magazines, self-love advice is usually wrapped up in one or two vague and prescriptive lines, like be more confident; believe in yourself; accept who you are.

Has that advice ever helped you to? Probably not.

Love’s complexity is also its’ beauty. Healthy self-love is the full expression of the human spirit and without that sense of inner peace co-existing with the outer world, well — life would be pretty unbearable.  Continue reading

I’m going LIVE to fix your Quarter Life Crisis!

Hi everyone & Happy New Year!

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Generation NEXT — Why I want to coach Millennials

I chose to change tracks in life, shifting towards personal growth and development as a career, when I went through the infamous “quarter life crisis” — a time in your 20′s wrought with anxiety, uncertainty about the future and feeling like your life just isn’t where you  hoped it would have been.

Couple that feeling with being laid-off at the height of the recession and you’ve got one potent cocktail for a financial AND existential crisis.

But in my confusion, I created Undercurrent — this little notion that if you follow your interests, devote time to personal growth and share the best of yourself with others, you can make a powerful shift out of a rut and begin to create a life you’re really proud of.

What got me through that rough time was the conviction that I was capable of helping my peers better understand themselves and facilitate the personal and civic growth of my community.

I believe so much in the power, integrity and passion of my age-group, known as the Millennials.  Born between 1980 – 2000, we witnessed the changing of world order, experienced our parents devotion to making sure we had the very best, and discovered that the world, its people and issues are global. We understand logically and emotionally that change IS very possible and necessary, but that we’ve got to take personal responsibility to make it happen. And we need to get real serious, real fast. 

I want to help those who I know have incredible potential feel good about themselves. I’m a civic leader with soul and blending the two is my cause because I believe healthy individuals in their minds, bodies & spirits create healthy societies.

Optimistic? Sure.  Naive? Probably. I’m also a very pragmatic woman who knows what it takes to make real, sustainable change in life. I want to encourage, educate and unleash the power of my peers as we take on challenges and opportunities that were never taught to us in class.

What makes the quarter life crisis so fascinating is its opportunity for change. It’s a metamorphosis — you shed the old, habitual self who knew what was expected of them.  Becoming and loving WHO you are isn’t easy, but it’s what we’re all after.

This is why I want to help my incredible peers take this leap into trusting who they really are. I know it’s possible because I see it everyday in the emerging leaders, personal transformation and new opportunities experienced by those who refuse to follow a predetermined track of what’s expected of them.

Recognition is empowering :)

I had a great experience this afternoon. I was interviewed by career coach Jillian Davis, who was interested learning about how I got into personal development coaching and what tips, suggestions and perspectives I could offer to those thinking about entering the coaching world. We chatted about my professional background, my Undercurrent Coaching practice and what motivates me to keep trying and putting myself out there. I was really humbled to have been asked because there are so many coaches out there, but I guess there’s something about this one that caught her eye. :)

I think the lesson in this is to stick with what you’re passionate about — be that a career calling, a lifestyle or anything that makes you feel encouraged and fulfilled. I became a coach because I face head-on my interpersonal challenges, and through that process, it has made me a stronger, more accomplished & determined person. It’s great to be recognized for believing in what I put my time and effort in, and even more rewarding to know it’ll help others become more confident in who they are.

The interview is available here and on my Undercurrent Coaching facebook page.

What was a proud moment you experienced when someone took the time to recognize something you’re doing well? I’d love to hear it!