Wanna know an easy way to live your heart’s desire?


Are you creating and living intentions that have the capacity to totally transform your life? “Intention?” you might be wondering, “what does that have to do with body image & self-love?” Everything my dear, everything! Many joys in my life have … Continue reading 

I’m bringing CURVY back


Did HELL freeze over? Did I actually post this photo across my social feeds and did people respond with amazing kudos and support? Since ditching the diet mentality, these past few months have been some of the joyous I’ve ever felt. I … Continue reading 

If you do not think you deserve it, no one else will think so either

Deserve it

So I did something special for myself — I booked a weekend at Kripalu in western Massachusetts. It’s a yoga and wellness center that I’ve been dying to visit ever since I realized such a place existed. But don’t think I’ll … Continue reading 

The very naked truth: I’m coming home, baby!

full circle

I will work with plus-sized women who see their weight as the source of their unhappiness and believe that it’s holding them back from finding love and living life to the fullest. I will help them feel for the first time how love of self reigns supreme and through strengthening this core piece, all else becomes possible. I will encourage and show them they CAN have it all no matter what their pant size says and most importantly, they will experience first-hand that being happier doesn’t only need to come from being thinner. Continue reading 

A ban on being busy

I have an issue *GASP* — I over-extend myself too much. Like, way too much. Most of the time I think I can juggle a really hectic, over-flowing schedule filled with extremely interesting & fun things. The most common question I get asked is “How do you manage to do all that you do?!” I usually reply with something about being good at time management (which is true) — but really, I’ve a hard time saying no, take on way too much responsibility, and don’t want to let people down. I’m a “helper” at the core, but it sometimes leaves me feeling exhausted, run-down and out of juice for the things I really really care about.

So over the past few months I’ve been doing a hard inventory of my responsibilities, my goals and my passions to see where the imbalances lie. Too often, I was putting other things in front of my own personal priorities and it was costing me the most important thing of all — my sense of inner-balance.

But it’s very hard to let go of things go. But in order to regain balance, you must let go. It’s a paradox – but one you cannot think yourself to understanding. You have to feel it. You have to feel that release of duty, obligation, selfishness, guilt, expectation, disappointment and even pride.

In four years I’ve changed a lot (who doesn’t?) but was also starting to become a hypocrite — sharing insights w/ my clients on ways to approach how they invest themselves, and then turn around and not heed for myself. How could I be a truthful coach and not walk my talk? It was really getting to me.

Inside, I felt all my conflicting demands and I’m really sensitive to that tug. And every time I’d try to justify why it was OK to fill up my schedule despite my interest fading for it, my inner voice would remind me..Rach, you know what you’re doing right now, don’t you…

And when it actually came to time finally relax, I was so guilt-ridden that I “should” be doing something that I never allowed myself the opportunity to just be. Doing nothing meant I was wasteful.

So I made changes.  I stepped back from responsibilities that were no longer in-line with my personal goals and priorities. I carved out more personal time to do things that are purely for my own well-being. I took time to make space for personal relationships and hobbies. But I still have to let go of the need to do it all.

The whole concept of Undercurrent is knowing what your energy is being spent on and answering the question “Do I feel energized or drained?” Lots of people are busy — but busy doesn’t mean fulfilling. Busy is actually closest to its opposite — idle. Even though I was go-go-go, I felt idle in the areas I wanted to focus on most.

“Manage your energy — not your time.”

Join me — I’m putting a ban on being busy…and it all starts with a perception shift.

X –Rachel


Time GenY ditches the EVERYONE GETS A STAR mentality

As someone in their late 20s, I know how important it is to feel like you’re doing the “right thing.” Growing up, we all knew exactly what was expected of us to achieve success and get praise for it. In fact, that praise became a perpetual motion machine – many GenYer’s feel the incessant need to be acknowledged, gratified and acclaimed in everything they do.

It’s really a different world once you step from the “everyone gets a star” protective bubble and lots of young adults are finding instant gratification and praise in their personal & career pursuits hard to come by.

Career and calling are nearly synonymous to our generation. We really want to be accomplished and successful in a short time span, but that’s not always going to happen right outside the gates of college. Many get frustrated, feel stuck and disappointed that no one thinks they are as incredible as they’ve been told they are. Continue reading

Am I crazy? Why nearing 30 doesn’t freak me out

Yesterday, I was sitting next to a high school student who was getting tutored in math. His tutor casually mentioned something about being in his mid-30′s but didn’t feel old and the student said “Well, to me — anything over 25 is really old.”  I could only laugh, because face it — we all felt that way at one point.

In one month, I’ll be turning 28 years old.  I’m actually really excited about it – the number has a nice ring to it, but more so, it’s one step closer to 30 which in my eyes is something to look forward to. Why? Because it means I’ve got 30 years of experience and that’s pretty awesome. Also, I hear many people say 30 is when their life REALLY takes off — so I can only image how much more fun I’ll have.

But I know I’m of a small minority who doesn’t seem to mind (yet) the cold truth of life —- YOU GET OLDER. Continue reading