Time GenY ditches the EVERYONE GETS A STAR mentality

As someone in their late 20s, I know how important it is to feel like you’re doing the “right thing.” Growing up, we all knew exactly what was expected of us to achieve success and get praise for it. In fact, that praise became a perpetual motion machine – many GenYer’s feel the incessant need to be acknowledged, gratified and acclaimed in everything they do.

It’s really a different world once you step from the “everyone gets a star” protective bubble and lots of young adults are finding instant gratification and praise in their personal & career pursuits hard to come by.

Career and calling are nearly synonymous to our generation. We really want to be accomplished and successful in a short time span, but that’s not always going to happen right outside the gates of college. Many get frustrated, feel stuck and disappointed that no one thinks they are as incredible as they’ve been told they are. Continue reading

Am I crazy? Why nearing 30 doesn’t freak me out

Yesterday, I was sitting next to a high school student who was getting tutored in math. His tutor casually mentioned something about being in his mid-30′s but didn’t feel old and the student said “Well, to me — anything over 25 is really old.”  I could only laugh, because face it — we all felt that way at one point.

In one month, I’ll be turning 28 years old.  I’m actually really excited about it – the number has a nice ring to it, but more so, it’s one step closer to 30 which in my eyes is something to look forward to. Why? Because it means I’ve got 30 years of experience and that’s pretty awesome. Also, I hear many people say 30 is when their life REALLY takes off — so I can only image how much more fun I’ll have.

But I know I’m of a small minority who doesn’t seem to mind (yet) the cold truth of life —- YOU GET OLDER. Continue reading

LIVING your worth

Don’t just settle for knowing your worth — go out and LIVE your worth.

There’s a natural anxiety that comes about when you feel that you’re being taken for granted or under appreciated. But did you know what you do with that realization foretells the future for you? Continue reading

“I Do!….someday, just not right now.”

What’s your typical response when people ask you ”So, when are YOU two getting married?”

I’ve lived with my boyfriend for a little over two and a half years now, together over four and we have a legal domestic partnership.  But no, we’re not married.  No, we’re not engaged. No, I’m not upset about that. And while one day that’s the plan, for today — we’re quite happy with where we’re at.

We’re not alone either — many of my non-married, cohabitating friends own homes together with their significant others, have pets, and even children. Living in sin? I don’t think so. Making love work for a new age? Absolutely! Continue reading

I’m going LIVE to fix your Quarter Life Crisis!

Hi everyone & Happy New Year!

I’m excited to share that I’ll be offering a dynamic, jam-packed teleclass called “The Quarter Life Crisis Fix — How to get out of your funk & re-claim your 20′s!”  

To learn more about the event & to register, check out my events pg.

This call has the potential to get lots of ppl out of their Quarter Life funks & back on track to reaching personal & professional goals.  The call’s content comes directly from the needs of my past clients — jobs, personal growth, love, money — you name it, I’ll talk about it!

AND as  a special treat, a former rock-start client of mine will be on the call to share her success story & tips!

BONUS! Sign-up now & receive an early bird discount, just be sure to register by February 2, 2012. 

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Register, share — get your friends on this call — it’s going to be a great way to start 2012!



5 Phases of a Quarter Life Crisis — Are you in one RIGHT now?

I’m on a mission to turn the term “Quarter Life Crisis” (QLC) into “Quarter Life Opportunity” because that’s exactly what it is — a turning point in your life where YOU’RE totally responsible for your self and the direction your life will take.

Think of your QLC as an “update” button - keep pressing X and everything stays the same…press UPDATE  and…. Continue reading

Pass the gravy and the thanks around

It’s around this time of year we all pause for a sec and ask “Has it REALLY been a year…already?!” And my guess is that as you grow older, the stark realization becomes even more intense that time isn’t going to slow down.

All this makes it even more important to reflect back on where you’ve come so far this year — and more importantly, recognize and appreciate who helped you along the way.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone — and as awesome as turkey and mashed potatoes are, tell your fam & friends [and coaching supporters!] just how much they mean to you :)

I made the press & I want to thank you!

Ohh yeah!!I wanted to share with you all that I was featured in the Boston Globe’s online site, Boston.com: “A Three-Hour Cure for Your Quarter Life Crisis: My Life Coaching Experience.”  Continue reading

Feeling left out? FOMO is to blame.

There’s a disease on the rise among 20something’s. It’s subtle at first with symptoms of minor jealousy, resentfulness, restlessness and frequent refreshing of an already updated Facebook feed. As it gains strength it turns once vibrant and confident optimists about the future into self-doubting, paranoid and unhappy worriers who feel left out of the crowd.

Diagnosis: F.O.M.O. The Fear of Missing Out. Continue reading